Content Grabber Premium v2.72.0 [Cracked]

Content Grabber Premium v2.72.0 Nulled Development

With Content Grabber, you can visually browse the website and click on the data elements in the order that you want to collect them. Based on the content elements selected, Content Grabber will automatically determine the corresponding action type and provide default names for each command as it builds the agent for you.

Content Grabber main screen – building CarPoint Agent

A Content Grabber agent is a collection of commands which are executed in serial until completed. The commands can either be actions (such as a jump to a URL) or data capture commands (e.g. capture text). These commands are recorded in order of execution in the Agent Explorer panel of the Content Grabber screen.

Agent Explorer panel with New Agent commands

If you want to make other adjustments or gain more control of your commands, you can make changes in the Configure Agent Command panel.

Download Content Grabber Premium v2.72.0 Cracked For Free Here

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